mlxR 3.3.0 - (on CRAN and GitHub, February 20th, 2018).

mlxR 3.3 is compatible with MonolixSuite2018R1!

mlxR 3.2.4 - (on GitHub, November 11th, 2017).

mlxR 3.2.3 - (on GitHub, October 8th, 2017).

mlxR 3.2.2 - (on GitHub, August 31st, 2017).

mlxR 3.2.1 - (on GitHub, July 22nd, 2017).

mlxR 3.2.0 - (on GitHub and CRAN, April 30th, 2017).

mlxR 3.1.6 - (on GitHub, April 4th, 2017).

see also the much more simple version of Comparing several dosage regimens - part II

mlxR 3.1.5 - (on GitHub, March 3rd, 2017).

mlxR 3.1.4 - (on GitHub, December 27th, 2016).

see demo_kmplotmlx_V314.R for some examples.

sim.res  <- simulx(project = project.file)
writeDatamlx(sim.res, project=project.file)  # information about the project is used

see demo_writeDatamlx_V314.R for some examples

mlxR 3.1.3 - (on GitHub, November 21st, 2016).

catplotmlx(res$y, color="black")
prctilemlx(res$C, number=75, level=90, color="#194280")

mlxR 3.1.2 - (on GitHub, November 9th, 2016).

mlxR 3.1.1 - (on GitHub, October 13th, 2016).

mlxR 3.1.0 - (on GitHub and CRAN, September 16th, 2016).

mlxR 3.0.3 - (on GitHub, June 13th, 2016).

mlxR 3.0.2 - (on GitHub, May 23rd, 2016).

mlxR 3.0.1 - (on GitHub, May 12th, 2016).

mlxR 3.0.0 (on CRAN, April 1st, 2016)

mlxR 3.0.0 is a R package available on CRAN and github. See the installation procedure.

Some good news…

Several new functions have been added to mlxR 3.0.0:

Several new features of Simulx are now available:

Some bad news…

Simulation of inter occasion variability (IOV) is not possible with version 3.0.0 of Simulx. This feature should be available again shortly!

Compatibility with mlxR 2.2 and previous versions of Mlxlibrary

a =  {distribution=normal, mean=a_pop, sd=.1*a_pop}  

was permitted with mlxR 2.2 but is not allowed anymore with mlxR 3.0. Use instead

sd_a = .1*a_pop
a =  {distribution=normal, mean=a_pop, sd=sd_a}  
if SEX==F

See this example.

Compatibility with Monolix 433

In order to guarantee a good export of a Monolix project, the project needs to be in the new format of Monolix 2016R1. Then, if you want to use a Monolix 433 project, just load it with Monolix 2016R1 and save it again.

The following Monolix projects cannot be exported:

mlxR 2.2.0 (May 31, 2015)

Added functions:

mlxR 2.1.0 (January 10, 2015)

Added functions:

prctilemlx has been modified:

Minor bug fixes.

mlxR 2.0.0 (December, 2014)

New features: