Building a pharmacokinetics model

These Shiny applications allow one to interactively modify the PK model and the dosage regimen, and visualize the plasmatic concentration given by this model. Here, a R code is automatically updated on the fly according to the settings of the application.

ADME process absorption processes iv and oral administations
Modelling the ADME process with a PK model Comparing different absorption processes Combining oral and intraveinous administrations

Visualizing a statistical model

residual error model inter individual variability model time to event model
Residual error model Inter individual variability model Time to event model
Visualize several residual error models (constant, proportional, combined, exponential, …) Compute and display prediction intervals of a PK model assuming that the PK parameters are random variables Define your own hazard function, display the survival and hazard functions, simulate data and display the Kaplan Meier plot

Model fitting

The objective of these applications is to fit a model to longitudinal data.

Fitting a PK model Fitting a tumor growth model