mlxR 4.0

Download the R scripts and Mlxtran codes used for this user guide


simulx.R – compute predictions and generate data from Mlxtran models

pkmodel.R – compute easily basic pharmacokinetics (PK) models

simpopmlx.R – Simulate uncertainty/variability on the population parameters

exposure.R – Compute the area under the curve, the maximum and minimum values of a funtion of time over an interval, or at steady state.

monolix2simulx.R – convert a Monolix Project into an executable R script for the simulator Simulx

Model visualization

shinymlx.R – create an interactive Shiny application for longitudinal data

mlxplore.R – explore and visualize Mlxtran and pharmML models with the Mlxplore software

Data visualization

prctilemlx.R – compute and display percentiles of the empiricial distribution of longitudinal data

kmplotmlx.R – plot empirical survival functions using the Kaplan Meier estimate

catplotmlx.R – Plot the empirical distribution of longitudinal categorical data

Customized plots for groups


statmlx.R – Compute statistical summaries (mean, quantile, variance, survival rate,…)

readDatamlx.R – Read data in a Monolix/NONMEM format or read a Monolix project

writeDatamlx.R – Write data in a single file or in several files as tables

inlineModel.R – Utility function for inline creation of a model

inlineDataframe.R – Utility function for inline creation of a data frame